How to Select a Coach:

The coaching of figure skating in Canada and most other countries is done on a professional basis. Individuals make their coaching services available for a fee. Skate Canada Professional Coaches normally coach as their vocation, either on a full or part time basis. All of these Coaches must abide by the ‘Coaches Code of Ethics’ which is posted on the Skate Canada web site.

The Ilderton club can provide you with information about the Coaches available to teach your son or daughter.

Things to Consider:

  1. The Coach should be one the skater feels comfortable with, and one you both respect as an individual as well as a teacher.  You want a coach who treats your child with respect and who is interested in your child’s development as a person as well as a skater. Feel free to observe the Coaches on the ice and ask the Administrator questions as selecting a Coach in as important decision.
  2. Communication between the Coach and parent is important. You should keep the coach informed about your child’s educational commitments, financial constraints and other information that may impact on your skater’s training.
  3. Some Coaches specialize in teaching beginners. These Coaches are called upon to carry out a difficult task, teaching the fundamentals.  All Skate Canada Coaches are required to have at least a Level 1 certification within the National Coaching Certification program as well as first aid and police checks.
  4. Beyond the area of Beginners, some Coaches teach all disciplines at all levels while others may choose to specialize in any one or a combination of specialties (ie. Skills, Freeskate, Dance, Synchro, Choreography). Some Coaches have higher qualifications than others. Ask about their NCCP qualifications as well as their own personal test and competitive records. You can check this out under the Coach’s profiles.
  5. Selecting a coach for your skater is an important decision.  Feel free to observe the Coaches on the ice and ask the Administrator questions.

All of our Coaches are dedicated Professional devoted to enhance the experience of your skater while at our club. Coaches set their own rates, according to their expertise and qualifications.  Most skaters will arrange for a 10 – 15 minute lesson.

Arrangements for private lessons are made directly with the Professional Coach of your choice.

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