Lloyd Nott Volunteer of the Year Award

LLOYD NOTT MEMORIAL Volunteer of the Year

Awarded to a person who volunteers in many aspects of the club such as carnival, synchro, or competitions. Promotes the Ilderton Skating Club and volunteering and is selected by the board of directors. This recipient is also nominated to the WOS for their awards. Lloyd Nott served on the board in many capacities as President, Treasurer, competition, carnival and committees. He recruited other long time volunteers including honorary member Bob Stevenson. Lloyd was a honorary Board Member until his death in 1993. This award is presented to a volunteer, who like Lloyd volunteers many hours to the skaters of the Ilderton Skating Club.

2018-19 Bob Stevenson
2017-18 Lisa Brandie
2016-17 Harold Nott
2015-16 Janice De Thomasis
2014-15 Suzanne McNaughton
2013-14 Lisa Brandie
2012-13 Sharon Besterd
2011-12 Susan Fincher-Stoll
2010-11 Bill Scott
2009-10 Scott Varley
2008-09 Heather Burns
2007-08 Murray Jones
2006-07 Paul Moir
2005-06 Jane Kuhl
2004-05 Bruce Stoll
2004-05 Mike Beattie
2003-04 Cathy Rohrfritsch
2002-03 Kathy Chin
2001-02 Kate Virtue
2000-01 Vera Henderson
1999-00 Paul Moir
1998-99 Lynn Moir
1997-98 Bob Stevenson
1996-97 Mae Piggott
1995-96 Judi Emery
1994-95 Sharon Ashton

Isobel Masson Synchronized Skating Award

“A skater or individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Ilderton Skating Club’s synchronized skating program portraying the energy and enthusiasm shown by Isobel”

2019-20 NA
2018-19 Shannon Tucker
2017-18 Colleen Gowan
2016-17 Kaitlin Eedy, Natalia Otten, Kendra Stirling
2015-16 Cara Moir, Sheri Moir
2014-15 Karen Barrett
2013-14 Sandra Northcott
2012-13 Jennifer Scott
2011-12 Sue Varley
2010-11 Beth Emery
2009-10 Karen Stirling
2008-9 Chelsey Manning
2007-08 Karen Beattie
2006-07 Ralph Gardiner
2005-06 Carol Moir, Alma Moir
2004-05 Kristy Van Steensel
2003-04 Jane Smallwood
2002-03 Vera Henderson
2001-02 Lynn Moir
2000-01 Beth Emery

Pursuit of Excellence Award

( Tessa & Scott award)

Recipient strives beyond the boundaries of the club to pursue their dream. They display strong loyalty and excellent attitude which help in the road to achieve significant success.
‘Believe and Achieve AWARD’

2019-20 NA
2018-19 ICE Ignite Junior Synchro team
2017-18 Hannah Gray & Quinn Bisson
2016-17 Sarah Burns, Laura Emery, Courtney McNaughton
2015-16 NA
2014-15 Ilderton Silver Jets Intermediate Synchro team
2013-14 Brett Varley
2012-13 Kendra Stirling
2011-12 NA
2010-11 Allan Stoll
2009-10 Hannah MacGregor
2008-09 Cara Moir, Sheri Moir
2007-08 Carol Moir
2006-07 Cara Moir, Sheri Moir

Dennis Silverthorne Memorial Skater of the Year

This award is choosen by the Professional Coaches and bursary committee.

Dennis Silverthorne was the owner and manager for 42 years of the Silverthorne Skating School for figure skating and power skating held in St.Thomas, Guelph , London & Ilderton. He was instrumental in starting the Ilderton Skating Club when the arena was first built in 1973. Many of our own coaches were coached by Dennis and continue to pass on his knowledge and techniques in this club.

The recipients must demonstrate the ‘Passion, Spirit & Triumph’ of the Skate Canada motto and have had a very successful year, similar attributes as Mr Silverthorne had. His former students would like to fondly think of this award as the ‘Duckie’ award as that was his favourite endearment to use during his lessons.

2019-20 NA
2018-19 Jordyn Lewis & Noah McMillan
2017-18 Layla Veillon & Alex Brandys
2016-17 Hannah Gray
2015-16 Lily Hensen & Nathan Lickers
2014-15 Jenna Quinn
2013-14 Laura Emery & Dean Holbrough
2011-12 Lauren Varley
2010-11 Jacob Marsh
2009-10 Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir
2008-09 Lauren Varley & Brett Varley
2007-08 Laura Holbrough & Jacob Marsh
2006-07 Julianna Kuhl
2005-06 Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

Evelyn Bastow Memorial 'Program Assistant' Award

The EVELYN BASTOW Memorial Awards (Formerly Program Assistant of the Year Award)
**This annual award has been made possible due to a donation from the Evelyn Bastow estate**

PROGRAM ASSISTANTS of the YEAR: These skaters are chosen by the Professional coaches. They have donated many hours to assist with our younger skaters and have played an important role in our Learn-to-skate programs. The SENIOR recipient is also awarded the ‘H.O.M.E skater of the Year’ award.

2018-19 Komoka - CS1 Laura Harrison / SR. Noah McMillan
2018-19 Ilderton - CS1 Nicole Tan / SR. Hannah Gray
2018-19 Medway - CS1 Allie Wolfe / SR. ELizabeth Bignell
2017-18 Komoka - CS1 Paige Gollanek / SR .Jordyn Lewis
2017-18 Ilderton - CS1 Elizabeth Bignell / SR Lily Hensen
2017-18 Medway - CS1 Emma Wolfe / SR Nathan Lickers
2016-17 Medway - JR Madelyn Rutledge/SR Nathan Lickers
2015-16 SR- Tara Brandie JR- Julia Weir
2014 SR- Lauren Varley JR- Deanna Langille
2013 SR- Kaitlin Eedy JR-Kameron Jeromkin
2012 SR- Jaiden French JR- Jansen Otten
2011 SR- Madeline Morrow JR-Brett Varley
2010 SR- Katarina Savel JR-Adrianna Otten
2009 SR-Heather MacIsaac JR-Sydra Stoner
2007 SR- Kiarra Holborn JR-Christine Nott
2006 SR- Jansen Otten JR- Courtney Beattie
2005 SR- Sarah Todgham JR- Cia Karahalios
2004 SR- Sarah Shepherd JR- Samantha Beattie
2003 SR- Jacob Marsh JR- Gillian Dwyer

Ralph Gardiner Spirit of Synchronized Skating Awards

Ralph Gardiner Spirit of Synchronized Skating Awards

The award will be presented annually to one skater from each of the Ilderton Skating Club’s “competitive” synchronized skating teams. The synchronized skating coaches from each team will select the winners annually.

Recipients should exemplify Ralph’s spirit , determination, enthusiasm & dedication to their team. Sportsmanship and team building will also be considered.

The award has been named after Mr. Ralph Gardiner in appreciation of his continued support and commitment to the synchronized skating teams and programs at the Ilderton Skating Club.

2019 Pre-Juvenile - Rachel Pfeifer/ Juvenile - Charlotte Loosemore
2019 Intermediate- Chloe Harris/ Junior-Meghan Statchuk / Adult- Kaitlin Loebach
2018 Pre-Juvenile - Addisyn McLachlan / Novice - Deanna Langille /Open - Abigail Hensen
2018 Intermediate -Tara Brandie,Lucille Gowan,Robbie-Lynn Puspoky / Adult- Kelly Moir
2017 MiniJets - Claire Ankers / Novice- Meghan Statchuk
2017 SilverJets - Alyson Kearnan-Leitch / ClassicJets - Kathleen Higgins
2016 MiniJets - Rae-Anna Puspoky / Novice - Alyssa Dumayne
2016 SilverJets - Hannah Barrett / ClassicJets - Scott Allison
2015 MiniJets - Julia Lanz-Duret / Novice - Shannon Carroll
SilverJets- Lauren Rogers / ClassicsJets-Samantha Beattie
2014 MiniJets - Mya Lamport / Novice - Agnes Gowan
SilverJets - Kaitlin Eedy / ClassicJets - Kelly Moir
2013 MiniJets - Sarah Luxton / Novice - Natalie Cooper
SilverJets - Martha Macdonald / ClassicJets - Kathleen Higgins
2012 MiniJets - Morgain Carr / Novice - Diana Crowley
SilverJets - Laura Pyka / ClassicJets - Kimetha Sheridan
2011 MiniJets - Emelia Cormack / Novice- Heather MacIsaac
SilverJets - Natalia Otten / ClassicJets - Leanne McQueen

I.S.C. 'Most Improved' Award

These recipients are nominated and selected by the Professional Coaches as the 'most improved' for their group.

2018-19 Anthony Brandys Competitive STARSkate
2018-19 Emma Cui Senior STARSkate
2018-19 Isabella Rozak Junior STARSkate
2018-19 Paisley Jalbert, Lucie Powell, Benjamin Mair IntroSTARSkate
2017-18 Trynity Bisson Competitive STARSkate
2017-18 Sarah Bignell Senior STARSkate
2017-18 Nora VanPelt Junior STARSkate
2017-18 Amelie Marcoux,Judy Zhou, Addison Gollanek IntroSTARSkate
2017-18 CanSKATE 2 - Keira Loosley,Maya Sewchand,Anna Yazdani CanSKATE
2017-18 CanSKATE 1 - Jessia Zhou,Sarah Brown, Sophia DePapp CanSKATE
2015 Hannah Gray Senior STARSkate
2015 Noah McMillan Pre-Senior STARSkate
2015 Alexander Brandys Junior STARSkate
2015 Catherine Yang, Ally Pym, Charlotte Loosemore IntroSTARSkate
2015 CanSkate2 - Sophie Marcoux, Jordyn Thompson, Danika Chuy CanSKATE
2015 CanSkate 1 - Sloane Aldrich, David Harrison, Winnie Tan CanSKATE