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1. Hot pink top with black and white polka dot skirt
18 dresses (youth large to adult large)



2. Black velvet with fringe, lime green accent
14 dresses (adult xsmall to adult large)



3. Blue velvet with black accents
19 dresses and one boy shirt (youth 10/12 to adult large), blue scrunchies



4. Yellow on front, blue on back
24 dresses, 2 boy shirts (youth xs to youth large), scrunchies



5. Black with white tuxedo, 3/4 sleeve
20 dresses (adult small to adult xlarge)



6. Maroon with black,
21 dresses (adult small to adult xlarge)



7. Blue with gold and jewels
18 dresses (youth xlarge to adult xlarge)



8. Black velvet with green trim (removable), green between pleats
18 dresses and hair ties (adult xsmall to adult large)



9. Pirate dresses
19 dresses



10. Black/white with pink
23 dresses, one men’s shirt (adult small to adult xlarge)



11.Red top with white polka dots, red/white striped skirt, black jacket
19 dresses (youth 10/12 to adult xlarge)






12. Black velvet with sweetheart neckline
21 dresses (adult medium to adult xlarge)


13. Black with black and white striped sleeves, red underlay
17 dresses (adult medium to adult xxlarge)



14. Burgundy with white sash
19 dresses (adult small to adult medium)



15. Black sleeveless, fringe skirt
18 dresses (adult small to adult large)