SynchroSkateSynchronized skating is a specialized branch of skating distinct from the other figure skating disciplines. It generally involves a group of 8 or more skaters performing various group formations and maneuvers. ‘Synchronized’ refers to the importance of unison, the accuracy of the formations and the synchronization of the team. A well balanced synchronized skating program contains maneuvers such as circles, lines, blocks, wheels and intersections. The difficulty level of these maneuvers is enhanced by step sequences, free skating moves, holds and transitions incorporated into or between each of these maneuvers during the program.

2017 Canadian Intermediate Silver Medalists

Ilderton Silver Jets

Team members: Kaleigh Smith, Cassandra Langille, Sarah Luxton, Brooke Purdom, Kendra Stirling, Agnes Gowan, Erin Tucker, Alyson Kearnan-Leitch, Natalia Otten, Robbie-Lynn Puspoky, Abigail Hensen, Lily Hensen, Kaitlin Eedy, Lucille Gowan, Katelyn Inch, Tara Brandie, Melissa Brandie, Payton Beckett.

Coaches: Carol Moir, Alma Moir, Sheri Moir, Cara Moir

PC: Danielle Earl Photography