Thank you to our great CanSKATE Program Assistants!

We have missed all of our Program Assistants this year at the rink!  Hoping that next year will allow all of your smiling faces back on our CanSKATE sessions.

We do want to give a special thank you to the 2 PA’s per arena that did get to help out this year. They helped make the sessions energetic and exciting for our CanSKATERS during all of our restrictions! Going above & beyond normal ‘ice’ duties – helping the Coaches on the ice making sure that the skaters followed the restrictions when necessary, helped in the dressing rooms with skates and also guiding our skaters safely out to their parents. We could not have done it without you! THANK YOU!!!


ILDERTON arena PAs –

Hannah Gray & Hailey Loft



  MEDWAY arena PAs –

Elizabeth Bignell & Sarah Bignell



RaeAnna Puspoky & Paige Gollanek

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